A downloadable browser for Windows and Android

Welcome to Exedys Paperplane! Paperplane is the most lightweight yet powerful Android browser that doesn't take your private information like Chrome.


Effortless browsing

A variety of helpful options and settings

Quick links to popular websites which are customizable

Instant news and weather info based on your location

Instant sharing to friends and family on a variety of platforms - Only in Core

And lots more!

Download Exedys Paperplane today!

Our website: http://exedys.weebly.com

The official Paperplane Site:


Install instructions


Step 1. Choose what version of Paperplane you want to download, Core or Amber (core has bigger file size but is recommended)

Step 2. Download the. APK for free

Step 3. Tap on the file when it's done downloading

Step 4. Tap 'package installer' then tap just once

Step 5. Tap install

Step 6. Done!


Step 1. Launch the Installer

Step 2. Choose your language and click next

Step 3. Click on 'I accept the agreement' then click next

Step 4. Click Next.

Step 5. Choose the output location (default is Program Files (x86))

Step 6. Choose the name of the Start Menu folder or check the box saying 'Don't create a Start Menu folder'.

Step 7. Choose whether or not you want a desktop shortcut and click next.

Step 8. Click install

Step 9. Click next, check the box to run or not run Paperplane and then click Finish.

Step 10. Done!


ExedysPaperplaneCore.apk (4 MB)
ExedysPaperplaneAMBER.apk (4 MB)
PaperplaneForWindows.exe (1 MB)